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Why I Love Being a Dentist
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I love being a dentist.

I love the moment when talking to an anxious patient I see the connection in their eyes when they realize they are in the right place.

I love seeing a damaged tooth that I know I can transform back into an attractive, functional though artificial tooth.

Our smile is so integral to how we are seen and how we see ourselves. I love the dramatic changes we have created to truly change lives.

From explaining how jaw tension causes problems from cold sensitivity to gum recession to how proper dental hygiene drastically changes the environment of our mouth.....I love explaining and teaching.

High tech toys, working with my hands, meeting and connecting with new people, I just love it all

I am thankful for the gifts that allow me to provide my care so well: great vision, a steady hand and a minds eye that sees 3D.

Call and come ito see what you have been looking for in your dental office: caring friendly happy expertise

You will love being our patient.